Happy study abroad

Hej, this is Asami.


Happy super delayed new year!!

and also Valentine’s Day 🥰❤️


Today, I would like to talk about my interests in the discrimination toward Asian or women and looked some YouTube videos about them. As for People who have stayed out of home country for several years or have lived, they might have experienced discriminations once in some ways. I did as well sometimes because of Japanese or Asian. Someone have Stereotypes or something to feel frustrated or unsatisfied with worldwide problems such as poverty, religions and politics which is understandable. Meanwhile, it is also true that there are a lot of people who want to come to Japan or love Japanese culture, music, movie, cartoons and food!! At the point, I really appreciate world-renowned Japanese people such as Miyazaki Hayao, some manga artists, Murakami Haruki and so on. Thanks for all of them who represent Japanese in the world, I am likely to meet people who are interested in Japan. Even there are still discriminations toward Asian, I’m gonna keep doing my best to introduce Japan for all of them who I will meet and have already met before, being proud of my country. At the same time, it is also important to respect and be interested in different cultures or opinions.




Have a nice weekend ❤️


God Jul...Merry Christmas

 Hej, this is Asami.


How are you spending a happy holiday?

I visited one of my Danish friends’ families and spend Christmas with them.


Around noo, Danes start preparing for decorating the Christmas tree, putting a lot of gifts underneath the tree and just waiting for Dinner with nuts, Christmas apples and oranges through playing games or watching the movie “Home Alone”.



And then what we are waiting for a loooong time is Danish traditional Christmas cuisine! 



After finished eating, We were almost full of bunch of food...

In Danish Christmas, they usually don’t eat chicken instead of duck and pig.


However, we had no rest then proceeded to sing Christmas songs together ~ even in Danish, that was sooo amazing...it made me feel so comfortable.


In general, Danes make a circle around the Christmas tree and sing a song



And finally It’s time to exchange Christmas presents!!!! 

In Denmark, it’s usual to do it after dinner at Christmas Eve, not in the morning on 25th.


In my friend’s house, someone pick one of the presents from underneath the tree and call the name who can get the gift.


It is also the time to eat Christmas snacks:)!




After the time,

Let’s play the Danish games to exchange small presents with Dice.

In general, If you get the 6, you can pick up one of the presents.

After every present was gone, you can pick up the presents from other people if you get 6! But if you get 1 or 3, you don’t have to slide one of gifts which you have  to next person.

In 20 - 30 minutes, it’s kind of survival for presents!!!!



After all, we are gonna eat “Resalamande”, rice pudding with berry souses. If you get a whole big almond, a new present is gonna be for you~!!!!



This is how to spend the Christmas Day in Denmark.


Off course, depending on the each family, it’s slightly difference.

but I think the concept is the same.




Have a wonderful holiday 🎅🏻🎄


The worst thing since came in Denmark


Hello, this is Sami. 


I would like to talk about my worst thing happened since came here in Denmark.


BE Careful and pay attention to pickpockets!!


as you can expect, my wallet was pickpocketed... when I took around Copenhagen.


It included every credit cards, yellow card and residence card😭


Though I had such a awful day, 

I really appreciate this experience to realize “LOVE” by everyone who helped me.


I had been dreaming of only “romantic love” but now I’ve totally changed my mind and I’m luckily beside love whenever I face some hardships.


Thank YOU ALL who gave me huge love and kindness from the bottom of my mind.


It’ll be my turn to give it back to them after getting my new credit card...😂



Small party with strangers


Hey, Sami~!


today i was invited to a small party, 

which I was not sure for certain before visited.


There are 8 people including myself.

and one of them is who invited me to this party.


but lest of them were who had not known each other.


and they all are classmates and they look like that they are already closed...


no way...

there is no space to interact with them..


and one of them is from England and 

so talkative.... no stop to talk...


at at that time, I was really disappointed at my English skill again....because sometimes I didn’t catch up what she said...



but at some points I got it and they talked about catholic school, toilet and reputations of their teachers.


I really admired them being good at making topics and what they said was structural, which I was attracted to.


I think that they can make fun of everything around them:)


In the contrast, Japanese are unlikely to be a good speaker except people from Kansai...😂


For some reason, most of them tend to be pessimistic, including myself.

but I try to accept myself and doing my best to be positive😊


And also, I don’t wanna to be a person who is not interested in others.

Because communication is based on “ Interests” but not only on one way but each other.


Why I thought that is that I bumped into guys when I looked around downtown in Odense.


They are my friends’ friends, from France.

And when I introduced my nationality, they said “ Konnichiwa” to me.


it was impressive for me otherwise I couldn’t say anything to them because I didn’t know how to say the same in their language.


I thought it was such a shame🤢




There is a space to improve myself 



About Work

 Hey~this is Sami.


Today , one of my roommates came back from hometown.

she had a break for a week to prepare for exams.


she wants to be a doctor so this holiday of her is very unique~


and then what she asked me made me started to think about my future and work.


“ After graduation, do you have any plan for your future?”


in these days, I had no space to consider what I want to do for work.

I had any plans for my future Vaguely.


but I’m not confident to find what I want to do and to contribute something for society.






Where I want to work is...

1. Can contribute to Education 

2. Keep improving English skill

3. I can agree with the corporate vision 

4. Whether I’m interested in what the company is doing.






That’s what I’m excited.

I want to love the life I live.




Good person?


Hello, this is Asami.


Today I would like to talk about what was the most impactful word for me in these days.


Yesterday, I visited my friend’s house.

and she has lived in Denmark for 4 years.


She said to me, 

“you are fake, you are hypocrite.”


However, what she said is also what I’m thinking about in these days.


In my mind, i don’t feel happy even someone gave me good reputations.


Becouse I’m trying to be a good person.

The attachment to be a good person is sticking to my mind anytime.


That means that I feel so tired, nervous, can’t say my real thinking.


I was always trying to do “good things”.


But who would define the good things?

It was me. Nobody said.

I’m just affected by my prejudice and get some wrong idea.


That means no space and room to grow because I don’t accept my weakness.










Conflict of interest 、bounded ethically についてももっと勉強したくなってきた。まだ完璧に理解できません。



Quote could encourage you anytime

Hello, this is Sami.


Today, I just wanna share some quotes which I was impressed by


1. You are the youngest you will be ever in the rest of your life.






2.You don’t find love but love find you.



My friend gave me the awesome one.




3. Success is no accident 





4. If you look for a correct answer,

It could be what you have decided.